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Hi, and welcome to my website. I put this together myself in order to showcase some of my work in web development, photography, and graphic art. Along with travel, these are my chief interests.

I don't actually get paid to take photos, build websites, or create computer graphics. I do these things for the pleasure of creating them.

One defining characteristic of web development is the dizzying speed at which it evolves. I've been playing around with website building for a long time now and I've seen many things change in that period.

I enjoy learning new things and I do what I can to keep up with new innovations in web development. Periodically I rebuild my portfolio site so that I can employ some of the newest code. For this latest site I made use of CSS Grid and Flexbox for the first time. I took advantage of some cutting-edge CSS animations to add some extra functionality to the site as well.

I also made use of more JavaScript than in my previous sites. I've been learning JavaScript lately so it made sense to do this.

I actually have 3 other websites currently on line. There are links to those other sites in the next section. I encourage you to check out my other websites.

One more thing...there are some links to social media sites I belong to at the very bottom of this page.

Thanks for taking the time to visit.


The following 3 cards contain links to my other websites. On a desktop or laptop computer just mouse over the cards to make them flip over to reveal the links. On smaller screen touch devices the links will appear on the bottom of each card.

Roving Camera

I built a WordPress blog, roving-camera.com, to reminisce about my travels over the past 3 decades

Each post includes a slideshow of my photos from each locale.

If you enjoy travel you might like my blog.


Art Deco Rome

Back in 2006 I spent a week in Rome. While there I photographed some of the Art Deco art and architecture in the city.

I normally shoot in colour but my photos from that trip are in glorious black and white.


Rain Town

My fourth website, rain-town.com displays a sampling of some of my street photography shot here in rainy Vancouver.

It's a small site with only a small number of photos to see. Visit...it won't take up much of your time.


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